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Runtime Error

Runtime Error

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The variable is an easy hook. An even more versatile program may look at the variable and deal with a worth of sixteen or less as the bottom %keywords% to use, however deal with any other quantity as the address of a person-supplied routine for printing a quantity.

Of individuals, the condition of feeling very drained or (much less commonly) sick. “I’ve been chasing that bug for 17 hours now and I am completely gronked!” Compare broken, which implies about the identical as gronk used of hardware, but connotes despair or mental/emotional issues in folks. Interestingly, this word seems to have a separate historical past from glitch, with which it is often confused. Back in the early Sixties, when `glitch’ was strictly a hardware-tech’s term of artwork, the Burton House dorm at M.I.T. maintained a “Gritch Book”, a clean volume, into which the residents hand-wrote complaints, suggestions, and witticisms.

‘ (a friendly greeting among hackers) and `hack, hack’ (a reasonably content-free but friendly remark, typically used as a brief farewell). For more on this totipotent time period see “The Meaning of Hack”. See additionally neat hack, real hack.

Computer Programmer

See additionally our on-line world(sense 2). Constructions on this term abound. They embrace `happy hacking’ (a farewell), `how’s hacking?

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This exhortation was popularized by William Shatner on a “Saturday Night Live” episode in a speech that ended “Get a life!”, however some respondents believe it to have been in use before then. It was definitely in broad use amongst hackers for no less than five years before reaching mainstream forex in early 1992.

This was the expertise that enabled APL to make use of a non-EBCDIC, non-ASCII, and actually fully non-commonplace character set. This put it 10 years ahead of its time — where it stayed, firmly rooted, for the subsequent 20, till character shows gave way to programmable bit-mapped devices with the flexibleness %keywords% to assist other character sets. [from cyberpunk SF, refers to flattening of EEG traces upon mind-dying] (additionally adjectival `flatlined’). To die, terminate, or fail, esp. irreversibly. In hacker parlance, that is used of machines only, human demise being considered somewhat too serious a matter to employ jargon-jokes about.

In hacker parlance, this word has sturdy connotations of `annoying’, or `tough’, or each. Hackers relish a problem, and revel in wringing all the irony attainable out of the traditional Chinese curse “May you live in fascinating instances”. Oppose trivial, uninteresting. [Mac group, from Steve Jobs; additionally teco zap cap reviews BSD Unix individuals through Bill Joy] Something so incredibly elegantthat it’s conceivable only to someone possessing essentially the most puissant of hacker-natures. [from mathematical techspeak] Acting as if used only once, even if used multiple instances.

  • Finally, someone tried the compromise “lusers”, and it stuck.
  • Line printer (originally Line Printing Terminal).
  • Local PorT. Used amongst MS-DOS programmers (and so expanded in the MS-DOS 5 manual).
  • ITS died the death in mid-1990, besides as a museum piece; the usage lives on, nevertheless, and the term `luser’ is often seen in program comments and on Usenet.
  • Rare under Unix, more widespread among hackers who grew up with ITS, MS-DOS, CP/M and other operating systems that had been strongly influenced by early DECconventions.
  • Later one of many ITS machines supported luser as a request-for-assist command.

This term is usually used with respect to C header files, which contain widespread definitions and declarations to be included by several supply information. The term can also be used to describe an initialization subroutine that’s arranged to perform some critical action exactly once, even if the routine known as several instances.

Originated in the fannish catchphrase “Bheer is the One True Ghod!” from many years in the past. H-infix marking of `Ghod’ and other words spread into the 1960s counterculture by way of underground comix, and into early hackerdom either from the counterculture or from SF fandom (the three overlapped heavily on the time). More recently, the h infix has turn into an anticipated function of benchmark names (Dhrystone, Rhealstone, and so on.); that is in all probability patterning on the original Whetstone (the name of a laboratory) but influenced by the fannish/counterculture h infix. That which is grungy, or that which makes it so.

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Being yanked out of hack mode (see priority interrupt) could also be skilled as a physical shock, and the feeling of being in hack mode is greater than slightly habituating. The depth of this expertise might be by itself enough rationalization for the existence of hackers, and explains why many resist being promoted out of positions the place they can code.

Compare crunch, compress. from advert-agency tradetalk, `home freak’] A hacker occupying a technical-specialist, R&D, or techniques position at a business store.

The term `house guru’ is equivalent. A sizzling spot on a World Wide Web web page; an area, which, when clicked or chosen, chases a URL. Also spelled `scorching link’.

Excess verbiage in a doc, as in “This draft has too much lint”. [MUD] The state a player is in once teco zap cap reviews they kill their connection to a MUD without leaving it correctly.

Things Hackers Detest And Avoid

Hacker-standard method of suggesting that the individual to whom it’s directed has succumbed to terminal geekdom (see pc geek). Often heard on Usenet, esp. as a method of suggesting that the goal is taking some obscure problem of theology too seriously.