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To get your returns started, please provide the following information if it applies to your tax situation:

  • Copy of U.S. Passport/Green Card for each family member required to file.
  • Copy of Social Security Number card(s) for each family member required to file.
  • Telephone and email address.
  • Address of current residence.
  • Reliable mailing address such as a post office (P.O.) box or a U.S. residence.
  • Annual salary received.
  • Annual rent paid.
  • Exact date(s) travelled to the U.S.A. for each filing year.
  • Since what date have you lived outside the U.S.A.?
  • Do you have a home in the U.S.A.? (If yes, provide address)
  • Copies of all monthly bank statements for each account in client’s name (including signature authority) for the required filing years i.e. Streamlined Process requires reporting of the 6 most recent years in which the deadline has passed.
  • Copies of all monthly brokerage statements (if applicable), for each account in clients name for the required filing years.
  • Information about any financial accounts or property in the U.S.A.

*If you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN), you should first apply to receive one at the U.S. Embassy in your country of residence before starting the process of U.S. tax filing obligations.