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Sweden – USA: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev on MFM-2021

Sweden – USA: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev on MFM-2021

It is best to look at how the organizers of the tournament really relate to this or that team by the last round and the last matches. In which initially, long before the start of the tournament, the main actors, according to the organizers, are brought together. With group A everything is clear, there are, in principle, only two decent teams. They will play in the last match of the group stage. In group B, the organizers consider the Swedes and the Americans to be the main contenders. They do not consider our team as people, well, or at least for decent people, reducing it to the level of Slovaks, Germans and Czechs.

Some naively believe that they sleep in Canada and see the Canada-Russia finale, in which the Russians will be swept away, destroyed and mixed with mud. And here it is not so! In fact, it has long been found out that in Canada the most awaiting final is Canada – USA, in which the Americans will be swept away, destroyed and mixed with mud. And with the Russian national team, it will be possible for one of the future finalists to sort out the working order at the earlier stages of the playoffs. And let them fight there for bronze – every cricket should know his sixth and certainly not get into the showdown of adult uncles who spent so much on holding the MFM.

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The question is that it will be very difficult for the Americans to take first place in the championship. They have a tough group, and already have one defeat from the Russian national team. And something suggests that in the last match of the group stage there will be a second defeat. The Swedes in the group are practically invincible. So this time they will calmly and methodically replace the Americans and will be able to win not only in regulation time, but also without any final assaults, that is, with a fairly decent advantage of at least two goals.

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